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The purpose of is to provide a resource to help people find and/or get to their next fishing spot. I thought it would be helpful to create this page for a one stop collection of information that I feel is relevant. Other resources are basically reviews or fishing supplies that I’ve used and feel could help you with the goal of have fun fishing in Jacksonville. Enjoy!

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links, and at no additional cost to you, I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase. Please do not spend any money on these products unless you feel you need them or that they will help you achieve your goals.  Other links are strictly informational and intended as a reference to links that I have found useful to me. Please read my affiliate disclosure for more information.

Fishing Charters

If you’re looking to book a chart with one of Jacksonville’s amazing fishing charter captains, then you need a tool that makes choosing the fishing charter that fits your needs easy.

FishingBooker – makes it easy to discover and book a fishing charter captain in Jacksonville.


Wildlife Rules, Regulations, Phone Numbers

Here are some great fishing resources that I refer to often when I’m doing some Jacksonville fishing to ensure I stay up to date on the latest fishing regulations and information.

  • Penalties for fishing in Jacksonville without a fishing license – provides a summary of Statutes 379.354 and 379.401.
  • Jacksonville freshwater fishing regulations – The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission publishes a booklet of the most recent regulations.  It’s in your best interest to learn and understand these regulations.  In fact, I typically carry a copy with me!
  • Jacksonville saltwater fishing regulations – Again, the Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission have provided easy access to all regulations.  I carry this with me as well.
  • Wildlife Alert Program – It’s crucial to ensure that our fisheries remain stable.  Rules and regulations are put in place based to help conserve the resources during pivotal stages.  Minimum lengths, sizes, and harvest seasons are methods used to protect our fisheries.  Don’t let others take advantage.
  • Fishing License – Information on how to determine if you need a fishing license and if so, order.


Whether your fishing inshore or doing offshore Jacksonville fishing, it’s important to know your weather.  Weather can turn dangerous quickly in Jacksonville so it’s also best to stay tuned.  The information below is another great fishing resource that I use (in one way or another) to stay current on weather and sea conditions.

  • NOAA’s Tide Predictions – NOAA’s statewide tide stations provide real-time data and predictions for your next fishing trip. Find the tide station nearest you via Station Name, Station ID or Latitude, Longitude.
  • The National Hurricane Center – The National Hurricane Center (NHC) is a component of the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) located at Florida International University in Miami, Florida. The NHC mission is to save lives, mitigate property loss, and improve economic efficiency by issuing the best watches, warnings, forecasts, and analyses of hazardous tropical weather and by increasing understanding of these hazards.
  • The National Data Buoy Center – The NDBC maintains a collection of buoys and coastal stations measuring wind speed, direction, and gust; barometric pressure; and air temperature.  Good information to have when leaving Jacksonville for offshore fishing.

Bait shops

The number of Jacksonville bait and tackle shops in the area is limited.  There are a few “big name” stores in the area that supply some gear and artificial tackle.  However, I tend to shop at the local Jacksonville bait shops first.  To things occur: you help out the “little man” small business and get inside information from real fisherman (not salesman).

Fishing Gear

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