Pope Duval Fishing Ponds

This Jacksonville fishing spot is a 411 acre regional park located on Jacksonville’s westside near Baldwin. Pope Duval park is part of Jacksonville’s Urban Ponds project which is managed by the FWC. Being that this is an FWC Fish Management Area, be sure to check the latest regulations and observe all posted rules in this area. There are trails, picnic tables, a pedestrian dock, and grills are also available at this location.

There is a fishing pier at the third pond with allows the youngters the ability to drop a line without having to trek through the woods. The fishing pond at the end of the dirt road produces the best for Bass, Catfish, and Bream. It appears that some of the bigger trucks and ATVs have done little off roading, which has made a few big holes at the entrances of each Pope Duval ponds. After a hard rain, these holes fill up with water making it difficult for cars to get to the Pope Duval fishing ponds. Every so often, however, the road will be grated and the holes filled back in which makes the fishing pond accessible for cars.

The Pope Duval ponds are stocked with Bass, Channel Catfish, and Bream by the Fish and Wildlife Commission. Boats can be launch in this Jacksonville Pond, however, you may not use gasoline motors. Last check, there were 4 gators inhabiting the Pope Duval ponds. The game warden says they aren’t too big, but I say where there is a baby, a momma gator is close by. On a side note, being that Pope Duval park is wooded area, there can be some illegal activity that occurs back here. Be careful of who you approach and keep a watchful eye on your stuff.

What kind of fish can you catch in the Pope Duval fishing Ponds?

This Jacksonville fishing pond, holds a several species of fish that can lead to a great day of fishing.  The fishing pond is stocked regularly with Largemouth Bass, Panfish, Black Crappie, Grass Carp, and Channel Catfish.

What do you think?

So what do you think of the fishing ponds at the Pope Duval?  Have a report on the fish caught here and would like to provide feedback to the community?  Leave a note in the comments below or join the conversation on Facebook and share with others.

Driving Direction

  • From I-10, travel west towards Lake City
  • Take exit 351 for Chaffee Rd
  • Turn left at A/Chaffee Rd S
  • Continue to follow Chaffee Rd S
  • Turn left at W Beaver St Pope Duval will be immediately after Otis Rd on Beaver St.

Parking Situation
There is ample parking at any of the Pope Duval fishing ponds. If the area around a fishing pond is too congested (highly unlikely) then you can park off the dirt road.

Special Conditions
Gators in the area Access roads can be difficult to travel after a hard rain You may witness some illegal activity everynow and then Swimming, possession of firearms or alcoholic beverages, and use of cast nets are prohibited. You may use boats, however, no gasoline motors allowed.

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