Lake Gray

I was in the Orange Park area and found this little spot back behind Office Depot and Pet Smart in an area called Westland Park or Lake Gray. The water was a little shallow around some of the areas around the bank, but still some deeper water towards the center. There is a couple of spots with structure here and a little cover. I didn’t get to fish long at this location as a hungy gator was interested in what I was throwing. The 4 foot gator got pretty close to me, so I didn’t stay around to fish anymore. There are a few other ponds around this area, but some fishable, others were not. There isn’t much parking at all and if you do find a spot, you may have to do some walking. There are some business parks in this area, that may tow your vehicle if you park in their lot. If there are any reports on the fishing at this location, please comment.

Driving Directions
From I-10 West take I-295 towards Blanding Blvd. Orange Park Mall

Parking Situation
Parking is limited. You may have to walk down from PetSmart.

Special Conditions
Tow away zones in the private lots. Beware of hungry gators.

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