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With all of the different varieties of fishing in Jacksonville, it can be difficult to know where or how to fish. How do you catch a Bull Red at the Jetties? How can you catch the elusive Sheepshead? This is what makes booking a fishing charter in Jacksonville so valuable. Whether you’re looking for fishing the shallow waters of Jacksonville, trolling the backcountry, or landing a Bull Red at the Jetties, Captain Vic Tison is your man. As a licensed US Coast Guard licensed captain, Captain Vic Tison, is one of two IFGA certified captains in Jacksonville. Also one of the few full-time fishing guides in Jacksonville, Captain Vic is available to fishing year round and any day of the week.

Captain Vic Tison is also sort of a a local celebrity as the co-host to Jacksonville’s Just Fishing Radio Show which broadcasts every Saturday from 0600 to 0800 on WOKV 690 AM and 106.5 FM. He’s also the Regional Director for the Florida Guides Association, a Member of the National Association of Charterboat Operators, Member of the American Professional Captain’s Association and sponsor of the Inshore Saltwater Angler’s Club. Captain Vic Tison is a 4th generation Northeast Floridan that has been fishing in Jacksonville ever since he was a little boy. By 12 years old, Captain Vic Tison had already learned the Jacksonville tides and currents, where to catch fish, and how to catch them.

Captain Vic Tison uses a 1999 model, 23 foot long, semi-V Carolina Skiff rated up to 14 people. Powered by a QUIET, nonpolluting, environmentally safe, 2005, 150 HP V-Tech Honda 4 cycle engine that’s equipped with a hydraulic jack-plate for shallow water. This boat can run over 40 mph in less than 1 ft of water! With a large front and rear casting deck, there is plenty of room to move around while fighting that bull red you caught while fishing at the Jetties. We all know that Jacksonville’s temperatures can rise to over 100 degrees in the summer which can make fishing in Jacksonville pretty uncomfortable at times. Why not fish in comfort on a boat with outdoor cooling? Captain Vic Tison’s boat is the ONLY boat in Jacksonville with a cool mist machine!

So remember, when you want to fish, call VIC 2 FISH at (904) 699-2285.

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