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Browns Creek Bridge Fishing

There are a number of places for bridge fishing in Jacksonville. One of the more popular Jacksonville fishing spots is from the Browns Creek Bridge. Due to its proximity to Brown’s Creek Fish Camp, this location making it easy for Jacksonville fisherman to get bait and catch fish without having to move your car! As with fishing from any bridge, there are the normal obstacles to be aware of. First, the passing cars can be a little unnerving if you’re not used to fishing from bridges (the occasional honking of the horn usually scares the crap out of me). Second, there are the power lines that get in the way of a long cast. Aside from these minor inconveniences, bridge fishing in Jacksonville is pretty enjoyable. A day of fishing at Brown’s Creek bridge, you can expect to catch a variety of fish including: Black Drum, Sheepshead, trout, and Redfish. At the southeast corner of the Brown’s Creek bridge is a small launch for those wanting to do some kayak fishing at Browns Creek. Be careful parking in this area. Where you park at low tide, may not be dry at high tide.

Driving Directions

Browns Creek is north of Heckscher Dr, midway between 9A and the ferry across from Blount Island.You can reach it via the Ferry and heading west, or 9A taking Heckscher Dr exit east.

Parking Situation

Parking will be on the side of the road. It can be a little muddy at the bottom of low tide at the launch. Parking is unsecured.

Special Conditions

Be careful on and around Browns creek bridge as cars will be whipping by. Fishing lines can be caught with long casts, it’s usually best to toss straight down.

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