Jacksonville Bait Shops

Looking for a bait and tackle shop in the Jacksonville area?  Running low on supplies?  Need to make a stop at the bait shop before heading offshore?

Jacksonville has a few bait shops in the area that can help you out.  With so much land area to cover in the Jacksonville area, it’s crucial to know where each bait shop is located and what they have before making the trip.  Most of Jacksonville’s Bait and Tackle shops are strategically
(maybe coincidence) located in the areas of town where they’re most convenient.

Each custom review is meant to provide a general overview of the bait shop and also:

Running a bait shop isn’t easy.  Especially if the bait shop is selling live bait.  The overhead involved in running the tanks, keeps the bait alive is both challenging and expensive.  Despite the challenges, there are a few bait shop owners in Jacksonville that are dedicated to the sport of fishing.

Because of these challenges, the bait shops in the Jacksonville Bait Shops directory are personal reviews of each store.  These bait shop owners are not charged for the “free press”.  Just giving back to all of the decent bait shop owners that have helped me over the years.

I hope you find that this listing provides you with enough information about the bait and tackle shops in the area and helps you make a decision before heading out on the water for the day.

I’d appreciate any comments regarding any updates to these bait shops.


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